Georgina Van Der Linden Holland goes for the next round!

Today’s bouts saw some former world champions drop by the wayside while others went one step closer to claiming a new title on Day 2 of the Youth World Championships in Bangkok.The competition standard is certainly higher than last year, and that is no doubt down to the higher visibility of muaythai in the sporting calender at events like The World Games.

Round by round the numbers are dropping, even though with one weight division for example having 27 entrants the contest is far from over yet.
One of the highlights in the girls’ divisions was between Thailand’s Sarinda Rattananham and  Martyna Kierclynska from Poland at 54 kg in the 14 to 15 division. From the start it was a fast bout with the Polish girl firing in punches while Sarinda worked around, and in the end Mayryna took the win on points.

Israel’s Din Haziza and Australia’s Grigis Taylor do the Wai Kru ritual

World Champion Georgina Van de Linden from Holland got through the first round against France’s Laurine Geereberet in a points win. But Canada’s Savannah Foden  – also a champion last year – lost out to Turkey’s Irem Capar in an exciting bout where the Turkish girl  – who was IFMA champion in 2011  – pulled ahead with fast-paced moves and hard-hitting strikes.

In the older boys Estonia’s Allan Volosath took on Joey Roberts from the USA  in the 16 to 17 age group using his elbows to great effect, while Roberts relied on long-range knees to good effect and took the win on points.

Miquel Tempor Portugal vs Aik begian Russia

In the 48kgs girls Russia faced Turkey in one of many match-ups, with the taller Turkish girl taking the win on points in spite of valiant chasing by Turkey.
Chinese Taipei’s Feh Yeh entered the ring against Thailand’s Patranit Ranasimaratgaphha, and while losing out but only after making a great try in the 48kg girls division age 12-13.

Iran was also in action with two of their 5-strong female team taking part in the rounds today.

The atmosphere was cracking all day with members of the cosmopolitan Bangkok expat community coming to support their teams many brining large national flags to wave.

Kurt Librica The Philippines celebrates!

For larger teams today was a busy day, with Australia for example having 17 bouts spread over the day.

Full results from today available here.

Daily programme for 07/08 available.