In just a few weeks university sport turns to Thailand for the Muaythai World University Championships with student athletes from nearly 40 countries expected.

The last time FISU and muaythai came together was for the successful 2015 muaythai University World Cup. So many of the young athletes who climbed the podium then have gone to success in their career. Athletes like world champions Nili Block (Israel), Dmitry Valent (Belarus) and Aziz Elfekak (Morocco) had an early taste of where their hard work could take them on the FIUS podiums.

It’s been an exciting time for university students getting ready for the FISU event in Pattaya.

IFMA general secretary Stephan Fox says there is a unique experience ahead of them in comparison to any muaythai events they have attended before, as university sports have a special focus on developing athletes’ and setting them on the right path for more success.

FISU president Oleg Matysin has said: “The mission of Fisu is to educate people in sport and to give young people the best conditions to realise their talents. We are thinking about how we can create a community of future leaders because sport is a very good platform for education, life experience and a shared global experience.”

The French team was recently selected at a very competitive event held in Rouen. The head of the FFKMDA Nadir Allouache said he was very proud to see so many young athletes competing for places, and he’s hopeful they will have a positive experience in Thailand. See video and more photographs here on the FFKMDA website. 

In The Philippines, the team qualified at an exciting day of competition in April – leaving them plenty of time to train together and prepare for the July event. Pearl Managuelod, head of MAP said it’s exciting to see so many students taking sport seriously, and understanding the benefits which come from sport. More about the athletes on MAP Facebook.

In Turkey the athletes had a beautiful beach-side tournament with events taking place outdoors at Antalya Turkey. Hasan Yuldiz, president of TMFB said it was an honour to be among the young athletes with many competing for the first time for a national team, and he’s sure they will benefit greatly from the FISU experience.

The Lebanese FISU muaythai team are also fully selected, following an event at the American University of Science and Technology in May. Sami Kilawi thanked the AUST for hosting the event, and said seeing the different universities come together to make space for their athletes to compete was very exciting.

From Spain three athletes have made the muaythai team for the FISU event, after a tough selection process which finished in March. The FEKM team are sure to represent, with the strength of the united Spanish muaythai world behind them said Gustavo Luna who sits on the IFMA Executive board.

And there are many more student athletes preparing their muaythai skills for the Muaythai University Championships.

More details on the event can be found at WUC Muaythai