IWGA Athlete of the Year

IFMA congratulates the new IWGA Athlete of the Year  – speed climber Reza Alipourshenazandifar from Iran. 

A clear winner in a tight contest, he was supported by fans for his focus and commitment in winning gold at The World Games 2017. No doubt an exciting year ahead for him carrying the banner for his sport.

Muaythai athlete Janice Lyn succeeded in winning into the second round earning thousands of votes from muaythai fans around the world. Her dedication to muaythai and to the spirit of martial arts in learning from your losses shone.

Reza was introduced by the speed climbing federation as holding The World Games gold medal and also the world record in this discipline.

They said of the Iranian champion: “The 23-year-old faced his final race at the Games alone – his competitor had a false start – but was able to keep himself together and finish with the fastest time, 5.57. His medal was the first ever gold medal for Iran at The World Games.”

Other athletes which did really well in the contest were powerlifter Larysa Soloviova from Ukraine, and speedskater Fabriana Arias from Columbia.

The intensity of the competition for the title shows the high regard in which The World Games is held in the global sporting family. And reflects the high standard of sporting competition during the Wroclaw 2017 Games!

All eyes are now on Birmingham, Alabama in the USA for 2021 edition of The World Games.