The European Muaythai Federation is one of the 5 IFMA continental federations and for over 30 years has promoted muaythai to the highest recognition. Forty recognized European federations work together under the same constitution, rules and regulations with common goals to protect the athletes, provide opportunities and protect the cultural values of muaythai.

The election took place to elect the new EMF Executive Board and the IFMA Director General, Charissa Tynan was the official observer together with the Director of the IFMA Legal Commission, Valentina David.

IFMA would like to congratulate the new Executive Board Members:

President: Hasan Yildiz

General Secretary: Davide Carlot

Vice Presidents:

Detlef Turnau

Ioannis Papadopulous

Nadir Allouche

Dmitry Putlin

Executive Board:

Duran Ebren

Anna Kuzmuk

Dejan Mitrovski

Karoly Dudok

Petr Ottich

Nicole Kaiser

Appointed Executive Board Members:

Ana Vital Melo

Pavel Yevtushenko

Appointed Non-Voting Executive Board Members

Erdogan Ayden

Drago Savic

Congratulants to the EMF Family and IFMA is looking forward to continued cooperation.