Just one year ago muaythai athletes took part in The World Games in Wroclaw, Poland. Now those memories and of all the sports at the Games have been collected into a beautiful book highlighting this great celebration.

The World Games 2017 was the biggest sports event ever hosted in Poland. It left many legacies in the host city Wroclaw, but also in the whole country. The host country established the Polish Non-Olympic Committee based in Wrocław. The main goal of the committee is to develop and promote non-Olympic disciplines as well as to prepare the Polish team for the next edition of The World Games in 2021.

Athletes around the world now have an inspiring collection of memories to speed them on their way in preparing for 2021.

The TWG2017 book can be downloaded from The World Games Website here.

Muaythai athletes looked  back on the 2017 games with excitement recently, marking the one year anniversary. You can read that here.

Bronze medalist Janet Todd USA prepares for her bout TWG2017
Bronze medalist Janet Todd USA prepares for her bout TWG2017

IFMA Sport Director Charissa Tynan said the experience in Wroclaw was very positive for all the athletes. She said many of the young athletes at the recent world and continental championships were talking about 2021 and already making plans to compete at this huge event.

This week the new IWGA board met in Madrid, Spain making plans for 2021. The board approved the sports programme for 2021, further details here.

Russian athlete Svetlana Vinnikova who won gold at The World Games 2017 was named Athlete of the Month by the IWGA in May.  On receiving her award, she also told the IWGA she’s hoping to compete in 2021.

Read more about The World Games 2017 on The World Games website, and download the 144page book.

Watch back the muaythai finals at The World Games 2017 here on The Olympic Channel.