Ricardo Perez and Rami Ibrahim (USA) cornering Taylor McClatchie (CAN) at the 2019 Chungju Martial Arts Masterships

The 2019 Chungju Martial Arts Masterships have been a special event for many reasons. It was one of the most attended events by distinguished personalities of modern politics, culture, and education.
On the sporting side of the event, so many moments will stay in the memory of athletes: amazing opening ceremony featuring 20 martial arts at the Chungju stadium, state of the art competition venues, training in the Korean mountains and so much more.

For some Muaythai athletes, the competition could truly be a model of unity across countries as coaches and athletes from different teams collaborated together for sporting excellence. It was a highlight of the finals as two coaches from the United States Ricardo Perez and Rami Ibrahim team showed that sportsmanship can be inherent not only to athletes as they cornered Taylor McClatchie (CAN) in her bout against Nili Block and Rhyse Saliba (AUS) against Itai Gayer (ISR).


It was a moment of pride for Muaythai when teams often staying in the rivaling camps can give support and offer their experience to let the athletes show their best in the field of play.

Rhyse Saliba (AUS) stretched by Rami Ibrahim (USA)

Ricardo and Rami are truly bright examples of the Muaythai philosophy and its values, and a big thank you should go to the team USA for having these coaches in its federations.