Fifty-eight countries participated in the President’s Cup 2012 Peace and Sport Through Muaythai event in Tehran, Iran. The medals were spread between the I.R. Iran, Thailand, Russia, Hong Kong, Korea, Uzbekistan, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Finland, Australia, Algeria, France, Canada, USA, Slovenia, New Zealand, Bosnia, and South Africa.

The cup for best boxer of the event went to Iran’s own Alamdar Seyed Isa, and the cup for the most improved team went to Afghanistan. Thailand won the best team cup, with Iran a close runner up. The closing ceremony was a spectacle of cultural understanding, as flowers were given by Iranian children and medals were present by the presidents of the national federations and other VIPs. One of the Vice Presidents of Iran graciously closed the event.

All participating countries must be thanked for joining together in a statement for peace through sport. A special thank you must go to the Iranian Muaythai Association, the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the Peace and Sport organization.