IFMA is proud to represent Muaythai in WADA and be a signatory of the WADA Code. In 2019 IFMA included doping awareness meetings, athletes conferences with speakers from WADA and medical commission meetings with the emphasis on doping. It starts bearing fruits as more athletes take charge of their diet and supplements and staying updated with the latest WADA prohibited lists.

One of the highlights of the World Championships 2019 has been the result of the doping tests made at the event with 0 positive results produced at the event. The Doping Control Authority of Thailand reported last week that all the athletes who participated and taken for tests were fully doping free.

The IFMA Athletes’ Conference includes ever more speakers from WADA or doping related organisations, and IFMA is proud to partner with ITA which delivered the education outreach programme during the event.

IFMA will continue close cooperation with WADA, International Testing Agency and sports federations to work on promoting clean sport and fair play.