The 11th Chinese Taipei Championships took place successfully on the 6th and 7th June thanks to efforts of CDC and Chinese Taipei government. The event was one of the very few sport competitions that was able to be held during the COVID-19 pandemic.

37 teams and 122 athletes, from around the region such as Hong Kong, Japan and Thailand, participated in the Chinese Taipei Championships which broke the records of highest number of teams and athletes among the sport competitions during the pandemic in Chinese Taipei.

Strict precautions were taken during the event to assure everyones protection and safety during the competition. This was done by temperature checks, distribution hand sanetizer to every participant, controlling the total number of people present at the same time in the venue and asking everyone to wear face masks. The official pandemic prevention announcement was also translated into ten different languages and broadcasted during the competition.

Chinese Taipei national team star, Yu-Xi Chen, competed in 64 KG weight division where he won gold medal for the 4th time straight and is ready to compete in the next Asian and World Championships.