There are many reasons we celebrate our successes. Whether they are in-side the ring or out. Celebrating success isn’t just about praising the person who has attained a certain goal. It is about acknowledging all those who helped them to achieve their goal. As we all know nothing great is ever achieved alone. It takes a team to achieve greatness. And to this end it is important that we acknowledge those who supported us and enabled our successes in life.

Celebrating our success gives us and others the opportunity to learn and adapt. We recognise what worked well for us and why, and we analyse our success looking to take away gems of new knowledge that might help us to replicate our achievement or to inspire others to take action. 
Helping others develop a success mindset will help enable them to make the necessary changes to achieve their own success. Using tools like visualisation and affirmations can help cultivate a success mindset. The celebration of smaller accomplishments along the way will allow you to believe that you are successful and this will help develop greater self-belief and a positive attitude toward the work success entails.

Celebrating the small steps along the way will help to keep motivation high. Mini successes will motivate you to take more action. Action begets action. Taking action itself will make you feel good and so the pathway itself will become a journey filled with many good moments. Whether it was achieving a small milestone along the way or achieving the big one at the end. 

We all know that once we have achieved one goal and celebrated with our friends we are quick to set our sights on a new challenge, a new goal and begin working our way toward a new distant success. 

The feelings of euphoria and accomplishment that comes alongside our celebration is nothing without recognising the time, dedication and sacrifice the success encapsulated, for us and for all those who had a hand in supporting the attainment of our goal. For many it is the sharing of the success that makes it all worth it, the hand shakes, the hugs, the pats on the back. Sharing the fun that comes with conquering a challenge and achieving a goal is what makes the celebration even sweeter. 

After winning a match or a championship there are still more goals to be chased. Let’s take a look at some of IFMA’s other ways of recognising success. 

By: Sue Glassey, Chair of IFMA Gender Equality Commission

Senior Champs

Breakthrough of the Year: Zoe Putorak (AUS), Norbert Speth (HUN)

Best Host City Senior World Championships: Mexico

Best Host City Youth World Championships: Thailand

Best Social Initiative: Colombian Muaythai Federation

Lifetime Achievement Awards: Somchai Sripiew (THA) & Kajorn Prowsri (THA)

Rising Star of the 2019 World Championships: Konstantinos Sarkiris (GRE)

Technical Official of the Year: Erdogan Aydin (TUR)

Coach of the Year: Vitaly Tsishurou (BLR)

Federation of the Year: Turkish Muaythai Federation

Spirit of Sport Award: Team Afghanistan

Best Wai Kru: Thanavan Thongduang (THA)

Sportswoman of the Year: Bui Yen Li (VIE)

Sportsman of the Year: Jimmy Viennot (FRA)

Team of the Year: Team Russia

Youth Champs

The awards for showing the best muaythai skill and technique went to:

Rising Star Under 14 –  silver medalist Ashley Jazmine Gavina , The Philippines

Rising Star Under 14  – bronze medalist Fergus Asher Munro Smith, Team GB

Rising Star Over 14  –  gold medalist Ceren Yilmaz, Turkey

Rising Star Over 14  –  gold medalist  Ayad Albadr , Iraq

Outstanding Girl Under 14 – gold medalist Kullathida Kueasanor , Thailand

Outstanding Girl Over 14 – gold medalist (3 years in a row) Sophie Curtain , Australia

Outstanding Boy Under 14 – gold medalist Baurzhan Mukhambetaliuly , Kazakhstan

Outstanding Boy Over 14 –  gold medalist (3 years in a row) Amirkhan Zakriev , Russia

The award for showing the Spirit of Muaythai went to ten year old Amer Kucevic from Belgium for his enthusiasm and love of all aspects of muaythai.

The award for Sportsmanship went to Jade Jorand from France, silver medalist for her gracious interactions with her opponents.

IFMA – Hall of Fame

Stephan Fox

Sue Glassey

Branko Cikatic

Martin Holm