IFMA Athletes’ Commission meeting has taken place in the framework of the IFMA Royal World Cup in Bangkok. IFMA recognition by IWGA, FISU, TAFISA has made a significant impact on the athletes and their role at the international muaythai events. The conference room was filled to capacity with athletes representing all 5 continents, with Valentina Shevchenko presiding the meeting and the former chairman Artem Levin showing full support of the direction the Commission is moving towards, in the recent years.

Valentina gave a detailed presentation on the work of the athletes’ commission, the close cooperation with the IFMA Executive Board and the fruitful cooperation that benefits the athletes but at the same time the overall development of the federation.

Valentina stated that through the commission athletes have a voice and she said that many of the Executive Board members, being former muaythai athletes themselves, understand the needs of the athletes but it is a fast changing world. She also stated that she is truly thankful for efforts made by IFMA to get muaythai recognised by FISU as it is important to continue to combine education and sport.


IFMA General Secretary, Stephan Fox, Sport Director, Charissa Tynan, Chairman of IFMA Legal Commission, Chair of Youth Commission and others have been invited as special guests and IFMA General Secretary made a heartfelt speech reminding both sides on the responsibility we have towards each other. Many fruitful discussions took place on fair play, integrity, cultural program and cooperation of the IFMA commissions.