The highly-anticipated semi-finals of Muaythai in the Asian Beach Games was packed full 30 minutes before the first bouts even started, which showed how popular Muaythai was at the Games. Team Thailand had massive support as the colourful Thai fans came with drums and scores of cheerleaders. Team Iran and Kazakhstan also showed up with a huge following present to support their superstars. The semi-finals of Muaythai in the Asian Beach Games was another great promotion for the Asian Beach Games, Muaythai and the beautiful city of Phuket.

The stadium was filled to the bursting point with no room in the VIP area, which again shows the popularity of Muaythai. A survey done by IFMA to the spectators present showed that 74 different nationalities have been attending the event, with 80% of the audience being foreigners.

One of the highlights of the evening was a bout between Mongkhon Artwichian from Thailand and Nurym Kemal from Kazakhstan. The highly skilled Thai was won the first two rounds but Kemal from Kazakhstan dug deep and executed a perfect Muaythai combination which put the Thai away and brought the crowd to their feet.

Many VIPs from different foreign embassies were present and came to give their support for Muaythai to stay in the Games.


Day 4 Semi-finals Results

1. Vietnam win vs Malaysia, male 48kg class
2. Thailand win vs Afghanistan, male 48kg class
3. Afghanistan win vs Iraq, male 51kg class
4. Thailand win vs Philippines, male 51kg class
5. Philippines win vs Iraq, male 54kg class
6. Thailand win vs Korea, male 54kg class
7. Vietnam win vs Iran, male 57kg class
8. Kazakhstan win vs Thailand, male 57kg class
9. Kazakhstan win vs Kyrgyzstan, male 71kg class
10. Thailand win vs Tajikistan, male 71kg class
11. Uzbekistan win vs Syria, male 81kg class
12. Iran win vs Lebanon, male 81kg class
13. Thailand win vs Malaysia, female 54kg class
14. Vietnam win vs Mongolia, female 54kg class
15. Thailand win vs Vietnam, male 60kg class
16. Kazakhstan win vs Philippines, male 60kg class
17. China win vs Hong Kong, male 63.5kg class
18. Uzbekistan win vs Vietnam, male 63.5kg class
19. Iraq win vs Kyrgyzstan, male 67kg class
20. Iran win vs Kazakhstan, male 67kg class
21. Iraq win vs Turkmenistan, female 57kg class
22. Thailand win vs Lebanon, female 57kg class
23. Kazakhstan win vs Jordan, male 75kg class
24. Iran win vs Philippines, male 75kg class