The second day of Muaythai competitions did not disappoint in the least. The beach stadium set up in the middle of beautiful Patong beach was once again filled to capacity. VIPs and spectators alike thoroughly enjoyed the fierce competition that showcased Muaythai and the 5 pillars of Muaythai: respect, honour, tradition, fairplay and excellence.

Team Thailand once again showed why they are one of this year’s top teams with all their athletes moving on to the next round. Iran and the Philippines also showed why they are a force to be reckoned with their athletes in several weight divisions advancing. Other athletes from Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Mongolia, and Vietnam also had success and will advance on to the next round of competitions. Even despite the rain in Phuket, it was again a fully packed beach-side stadium with a great atmosphere and with great spectators from around the world, especially cheering Thailand and Iran with some great vocal contests in the crowd. Many VIPS from Asian Olympic committees were present as well to support the teams and the spirit of competition.


Stay tuned for another day of action-packed fun and entertainment for all, and Muaythai would like to continue to thank the Olympic Council of Asia and the Asian Beach Games for making these highly popular bouts a part of the Games.


Day 2 Results

1. Iran win vs Hong Kong, male 51gk class

2. Afghanistan win vs Uzbekistan, male 51kg class

3. Thailand win vs Korea, male 51kg class

4. Philippines win vs Malaysia, male 51kg class

5. Vietnam win vs Mongolia, male 57kg class

6. Iran win vs China, male 57kg class

7. Thailand win vs Philippines, male 57kg class

8. Kazakhstan win vs India, male 57kg class

9. Thailand win vs Iran, male 60kg class

10. Vietnam win vs Korea, male 60kg class

11. Vietnam win vs Hong Kong, female 48kg class

12. Thailand win vs Malaysia, female 48kg class

13. Philippines win vs China, male 60kg class

14. Kyrgyzstan win vs Turkmenistan, male 60kg class

15. Mongolia win vs Turkmenistan, female 54kg class

16. Vietnam win vs China, female 54kg class

17. Kazakhstan win vs India, male 71kg class

18. Kyrgyzstan win vs Syria, male 71kg class

19. Tajikistan win vs Turkmenistan, male 71kg class

20. Thailand win vs Iran, male 71kg class