2011 Arafura Games in Australia, again was a major success for muaythai with the stadium filled to the bursting point every competition day, making muaythai one of the main attractions at the Arafura Games.

The final medal tally was a big success for the host of the upcoming IFMA World Championships as Uzbekistan was overall the best team. Australia came at a close second and Thailand third.
Macau really improved in the last 12 months and received the 2011 most improved team award.
South Africa got the trophy for the most spirited team.

The best boxer was given to Artur Kodirkulov, Uzbekistan, and the best Wai Khru went to Toby Wilcox, winner of Oceania Junior division.

The world is looking forward to the 2013 Arafura Games and IFMA is planning to make this a qualifying event to the 2013 Sport Accord Combat Games, so Darwin will see the best of the best attending.
Thank you Arafura, thank you Darwin for an unforgettable 2011 event.