Grassroots development is key in IFMA’s strategic plan and the annual Youth World Championships have become the top priority on the IFMA Calendar. The fundamental values of muaythai are built on five important pillars; respect, honour, tradition, fair play and excellence, which are also the foundation of the Olympic movement; in fact, they are the foundation of life.

The IFMA Executive follows a strict Code of Ethics and in order to set an example, must be an example.

IFMA practices and believes in the fundamental principles of Olympism to develop sport as well as education of youth through sport. The practice of muaythai is set in stone in the IFMA constitution as a basic human right. Everybody must have the possibility to practice muaythai without discrimination of any kind. It is IFMA’s belief that the power of muaythai, especially through the IFMA’s youth can make this world a better and fitter place. This is why IFMA puts the youth and the athletes at heart of everything.

Over 1000 practitioners from all five continents participate at the IFMA Youth World Championships and the seven-day event includes sporting exchange, cultural as much as education. The emphasis lies on making friends and having fun. We believe that true champions in our sport are recognised as champions even without their medals. Fair play on all levels is held in utmost importance.

The 2018 IFMA Youth World Championships will be held from 3-11 August in Bangkok, and again the Youth of the world will proudly march into the arena as an IOC recognised sport federation, understanding the duties and responsibilities that come with it.

Let us all enjoy the special moments from the 2017 edition of the Youth World Championships, pictures speak louder than words, and IFMA and Bangkok is looking forward to host the youth of the world next year.