AGM for European Muaythai Federation

The European Muaythai Federation board met in Paris during the championships, and discussed future plans for 2018 and beyond.

EMF President and mayor of Odessa in Ukraine Gennady Trukhanov addressed the meeting, and spoke of how much work has been done already with much more to come. He said he is proud to listen to the various achievements from each country.

Among the key issues were the partnership between muaythai and the Doping Free Sport Unit (DFSU) at SportAccord. 

This agreement will help the national federations to learn more about combatting doping, and the best way to educate muaythai athletes in staying clean while maintaining their health.

The board also welcomed president of the French federation FFKMDA Nadir Allouache onto the board, in recognition of the huge growth in muaythai in France under his stewardship. The team have been doing fantastically well and will feature strongly in the finals on Saturday.

Other fruitful discussions were around further youth development, and how to prepare European muaythai for the world youth championships next year.

IFMA General Secretary Stephan Fox reported on a meeting with UNESCO in Paris to further develop the partnership between the two organisations. He also talked about next year when this championship will travel to Prague in the Czech Republic as part of the Harley Davidson 115 year celebrations.

Both Mr Trukhanov and Mr Fox said how much the athletes are enjoying this tournament in Paris, and how well-organised everything has been for the teams both in the venue and around.