Over 30,000 athletes participated in the 2020 IFMA Virtual World Championships promoting the cultural elements of muaythai through the wai kru tournament, the techniques through the shadow boxing and testing strength and cardio through the muay fit competition. 

The first edition of the IFMA Virtual Championships has shown IFMA’s innovative approach and flexibility to give opportunity to the athletes during the lockdown but also promote cultural exchange.

The President of the National Olympic Committee, Dr. Hafizullah Wali Rahimi praised the efforts of all Afghanistan muaythai athletes winning four gold, eight silver and eleven bronze medals in all the different divisions and disciplines. He also praised the national federation and President Mr. Amir Hussain Hussaini for ensuring that Afghanistan youth continue a healthy active lifestyle during these challenging times but also IFMA as an IOC recognised organisation for continuing to promote Olympic values. 

Ms. Zahra Motahar, Vice Chairwoman of Afghanistan High Council for National Reconciliation stated that this Virtual Championship is much more than just a virtual sporting event competition. It brings together culture and youth from all social backgrounds as there is no passport or air ticket needed and therefore promotes inclusion and equality which is clearly demonstrated to be at the heart of all IFMA’s work. 

President of the Afghanistan Muaythai Federation Amir Hussaini stated that Afghanistan will continue to do their best on the national level to promote muaythai in all regions and internationally to bring honour and glory back home for the athletes and the country.