Muaythai in Afghanistan is a very popular combat sport and martial art, fully recognised by their National Olympic Committee and is one of the power houses in Asia. Afghanistan muaythai under the Presidency of Mr. Amir Hussain Hussaini has done some outstanding work in grassroots development and also in the IFMA gender equality programme. In 2016, they were awarded the world muaythai award for Outstanding Social Development, presented by a representative of UN Women.

On February 6th, World Muaythai Day, the Afghanistan Muaythai Federation in conjunction with the NOC and the Ministry of Sport organized national celebrations where the best national male and female athletes competed for their spot in the upcoming IFMA World Championships in Minsk.


Muaythai for the first time will host an event as an IOC recognised federation. Afghanistan Muaythai President Husseini stated that, “The five pillars of muaythai are deeply rooted in the everyday work of the NF and Afghanistan has high hopes to qualify for the upcoming World Games in Poland, which are under the patronage of the IOC”.