The second meeting of the World Games 2017 Sport Partners took place at the Hotel Radisson Blu in Wroclaw on the 6th of June 2014.


The Secretary General of the European Muaythai Federation, Rafal Szlachta was one of the invited as a representative of one of the sports which are going to be part of the official World Games programme.


The meeting was attended by the authority of the city of Wroclaw, representatives of the Polish Olympic Committee and 60 other sport representatives.


During the meeting the President of the Local Organising Committee, Piotr Przygonski presented the current situation as for the preparation to the World Games 2017.


Rafal Szlachta expressed his strong belief that muaythai will add to the attractiveness of the World Games and ensured all present that EMF and IFMA would do everything necessary to keep up the pace in the expansion of muaythai’s popularity.


“It is another great opportunity for us to demonstrate how great our sport is and to show the World the extent to which people are engaged in muaythai today. Our last milestone and recorded achievement was the SportAccord Combat Games where muaythai was one of the sports with highest viewership and we have no doubt that since that time the number of athletes and fans have increased greatly. We are sure that muaythai will add both to the World of Sport and to the World of Games in Wroclaw”, says Rafal Szlachta


Other important matters that were discussed included venues for competitions and the issue of event promotion.


The 10th edition of the World Games is set to be one of the biggest sport events in Poland and the city of Wroclaw will become a place of unforgettable sport performances where more than 4000 participants from more than 100 countries together with hundreds of thousand fans will gather to celebrate excellence and fair play.