212 delegates from 102 countries came together for the 2019 IFMA General Assembly, and after last year’s successful conference in Mexico, the conference was held again in the motherland, Thailand.

Many important decisions and presentations have been made at this year’s GA. The conference also welcomed from the IOC, Andrew Hofer IOC Recognised IFs and Organisations Senior Manager as a witness of the important gathering, and also the International Testing Agency which made a presentation to the delegates by Olya Abasolo, ITA Education Manager.

Many other important reports were made by the heads of the various commissions – Janice Lyn, Chair of the Athletes, Elisa Salinas, Chair of the Youth, Sue Glassey, Chair of the commission for Gender Equality, Dato Shah chair of the Education. Also, upcoming 2019 preparation reports were made and approved by the floor – the Chungju World Martial Arts in South Korea, the Youth World Championships in Turkey, the Asian Championships in Abu Dhabi, SEA Games in the Philippines.



Special presentations were also made on upcoming events in 2020 & 2021 namely the World Combat Games and World Games.

UTS CEO Julia Govinden made a report on United Through Sports and the ongoing cooperation with IFMA.

Rolf Hess presented the IFMA Financial Report and 2020 forecast, while Charissa Tynan IFMA Director gave a full report on the Administration.

Azadeh Kamyabi, Memberships Manager made a report on the new members of IFMA and the GA approved and welcomed seven new members this year namely Palestine, Colombia, Honduras, Nepal, Uruguay, North Macedonia and Kosovo. IFMA Lausanne Office manager also made a report to the members on the operations in the Olympic Capital.

IFMA President Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan closed the meeting again expressed his pride of being part of the IFMA Family in which “one world one muaythai” is not only a slogan but apparent in the everyday workings of its members.